Our Story

In 2016, after we rung in New Years in different hemispheres,
little did we know, our backpacking trips were going to change our lives

After both of us had been travelling Central & South America for a
couple of months, we both ended up in Medellin, Colombia. We had met at a hostel bar where there was an immediate spark.

A day after our initial meeting, and after both signing up for the local
hostel pub-crawl, and we were lucky enough to bump into each other again.

After having a great time at the pub-crawl event together, we planned our first date the next day, paragliding in the mountains of Medellin.

We had an amazing first date, and from there, we both knew we wanted to
spend the rest of our time in Colombia together.

We were inseparable for the remainder of the week, travelling across to a
music festival in Bogota. Richie was flying back to New Zealand that weekend as his backpacking trip was coming to an end. We both knew we were falling for each other and wanted to spend every last second together that we could.

As what was the most incredible weekend drew to a close, we came to the
realization that we were meant to spend our lives together, (when you know, you know!). We decided that we were going to do whatever it takes to be together, and that is exactly what we did!

After 4 long months of time differences, Skype calls, hours on the phone,
and constant messaging, we were finally able to start our lives together in New Zealand and as they say, the rest is history! A new life together, a new home that we share, amazing adventures, and the most romantic engagement.

And now, we hope that you can share with us what will be the most incredible day of our lives in August 2022!